Property Questions

General guidance pertaining to the development of an existing property.


  • Verify the property is within Duvall city limits 
  • Determine what is allowed within the zoning designation
    • Use the current zoning map to determine what is allowed for your zone: permitted uses, accessory uses, conditional uses. If a use is not listed in most cases it is prohibited.
  • Review development standards in Duvall Municipal Code (DMC)
    • Review lot area and site requirements like setbacks, density, impervious coverage, and building height.
    • Review additional development standards (DMC Chapter 14.64), design guidelines (DMC Chapter 14.34), landscaping standards (DMC Chapter 14.38). 
  • Refer to City of Duvall sensitive areas maps to locate potential environmentally critical areas
  • Review our permit processing ordinance (DMC Chapter 14.08) and identify your type of project permit to get familiar with process requirements.

Applications and Forms




  1. Land Use entitlement (see Land Use Entitlement chart)
  2. Engineering review
  3. Building permit review

In general, the city does not have feasibility studies for vacant properties. 

*This page is for informational purposes only. Additional requirements may apply.*