The City of Duvall Watershed Plan

The City of Duvall adopted its Watershed Plan on September 15, 2015. You can view Resolution 15-16 here and the adopted version of the Watershed Plan here.
The City of Duvall has been working with Environmental Science Associates (ESA) and local and regional environmental experts and stakeholders to create a Watershed Plan specifically designed for our community. 

"The Plan provides a watershed-based framework to:

  • Inform the 2015 Comprehensive Plan Update;
  • Focus future development based on a comprehensive understanding of watershed processes;
  • Maintain and improve forest cover and open space;
  • Enhance the City's approach to stormwater management and salmon recovery; and
  • Strengthen sensitive area regulations to provide enhanced protection for important resources."
(ESA. 2015. City of Duvall Watershed Plan - Initial Draft.)

Public Hearing Documents

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watershed map