Police Department

Vision Statement

We are here to serve our community and are committed to providing them with a high level of service.  We utilize public resources effectively and are focused on long-term sustainability by being prepared.  Our department thrives with transparency and teamwork through effective communication, active listening and trust.

We provide excellent customer service and build positive relationships with all members of our community.  We provide our citizens with exemplary public safety and work with them to find solutions to challenges they face.
We present a professional appearance and perform our job with honor, courage and commitment.  We display personal integrity and hold each other accountable for our work and the perception of our community.

Mission Statement
 The Mission of the Duvall Police Department is to protect the rights, safety and property of our citizens with Professionalism, Honor, Preparedness, Integrity, and Positivity.  By working in partnership with our community, we will strive to improve the quality of life for all who live and work here.
 The department is mission-oriented in all of its priorities, activities, and philosophies. Our work processes reflect modern law enforcement concepts and technology. We involve every member of the department in an effort to continually improve all areas of administration and operations. Quality leadership at all levels provides for accountability and demonstrates our department's commitment to fiscal responsibility.

Our members value diversity, effective learning, professional development, and innovation. We take pride in what we do and measure our success by the satisfaction of our members and our community. To this end, the department continues to recruit, hire, train, support, and retain qualified personnel as sworn and civilian members of a progressive law enforcement agency.

Core Values


Display an exemplary uniform appearance. Exhibit expert law enforcement skills. Make decisions using good judgment. Have ethical character traits. Treat others like you expect to be treated under similar circumstances.


Always act with the utmost integrity by being honest and truthful. Enforce the laws equally and without bias. Take pride in yourself, your work, and the department.


Law Enforcement is constantly changing, we must prepare and adapt. Everyone is a leader and will be expected to preform the job of person above and below them in the chain of command. Communicate effectively and be actively listening


Do what is right, even when no one is watching. Have courage to admit mistakes, not blame, and ask for help. Hold yourself and each other accountable to the highest ethical standards.


Have a smile on your face and present a friendly demeanor. Promote feedback without ridicule. Celebrate strengths and accomplishments. Praise in public and criticism in private. Address rumors quickly and at the lowest level.