Capital Facilities Element



The purpose of the Capital Facilities Element is to establish goals and policies for general public facilities, essential public facilities, and utilities to accommodate the anticipated levels of growth within Duvall and the designated Urban Growth Area (UGA). This element summarizes the existing capital facilities, forecasted future needs for such facilities, and funding strategies.


This element consolidates Capital Improvement Program (CIP) plans for all City infrastructure and services and is essential in maintaining adequate level-of-service standards for all facilities. Separate management plans form the basis of analysis for each type of facility and are adopted by reference into the comprehensive plan.





Capital Facilities Goals and Policies6

Guide the nature and development of Duvall’s capital facilities over the next twenty years. They address capital facilities and utilities owned and operated by the City, and those provided by other public entities. They also account for private utilities, such as electricity, natural gas, cable, and telephone.