Temporary Signs

Signs Code: DMC Chapter 14.50

Purpose: The City adopted its current Temporary Signs ordinance for the purpose of supporting commercial services in the city, central gathering places, increase social interaction, and encourage walkability; to regulate signs in a manner that is timely, flexible, predictable, and fair to all; to prevent visual and physical clutter; to promote positive conditions for sign communication while avoiding nuisances to nearby properties; and to ensure all signage meets the intention of city-wide plans and regulations.

Permit required: Per DMC 14.50.030 no sign shall be erected, altered, or relocated without approval by the planning director. The following are exempt from permits: Directional signs to garage sales, family reunions, special parties, and similar special and limited event signs not exceeding six square feet.

Commercial A-Boards

  • Only one A-board per tenant entry.
  • Shall be placed on the portion of the sidewalk closest to the sponsoring business.
  • Shall only be displayed during business hours open to the public.
  • May not exceed two feet in width and three feet in height.
  • Shall be legible and well maintained.
  • A liability insurance policy shall be obtained with the city named as co-insured with a minimum coverage of one million dollars ($1,000,000.00).

Banners and Grand-Opening Banners

  • One banner is allowed per façade, not to exceed two per business.
  • Displays shall be located completely on the subject property or sponsoring business; they shall not be located in landscaping areas or the public right-of-way.
  • Banners shall not to exceed the lesser of twenty (20) percent of the area of the façade to which it is attached, or one hundred fifty (150) square feet in area.
  • Allowed four times per calendar year for a fourteen-day period, grand openings may be displayed for a period of forty-five (45) days.
  • Displays shall remain legible and be well maintained.
  • Upon removal, any temporary displays may not be re-erected for duration of one month from the time it was displayed.

Real Estate Signs

  • Signs advertising residential or commercial real estate for sale or rent.
  • One on-site sign per street frontage or road intersection is allowed.
  • One portable off-site sign per turning movement or road intersection is allowed.
  • Permitted during daylight hours and/or when the agent or seller is in attendance at the property for sale.
  • May not exceed two feet in width and three feet in height.
  • Shall be legible and well maintained.
  • Shall be permanently removed within five days after closing of the sale or rental of the property.

Construction Signs

  • Signs identifying individuals or firms involved with the construction of a building and announcing the character of the building or the purpose for which the building is intended.
  • One non-illuminated, double-faced sign is permitted for each public street upon which the project fronts.
  • Shall be located within the subject property, five feet back from the property line.
  • Shall be located on the subject property on which the construction is taking place and be located closer than thirty (30) feet from the property line of the adjoining property.
  • No sign shall exceed thirty-two (32) square feet in surface area or ten (10) feet in height.
  • Must be removed by the date of first occupancy of the premises or one year after placement of the sign, whichever occurs first.

Community Banner

  • Banners advertising a public event that will occur within the City of Duvall, or within close proximity to the City, that will provide civic, cultural, educational, philanthropic, or service opportunities to Duvall citizens.
  • Banner placement locations are: over the intersection of NE Stephens St & Main St, over the intersection of NE Virginia Street & Main St, corner poles at the intersection of NE Woodinville-Duvall Rd & Main St.
  • Banners shall not be illuminated.
  • Sponsor logos shall be limited to the name and corporate symbol of the sponsor and shall not exceed twenty-five (25) percent to the banner.

Special Event permits are processed by the City Clerk's office.

Signs in violation of Chapter 14.50 are subject to code enforcement and/or fines. 

How to Apply

Apply online through our permitting portal:

Required Documentation

Questions? email planning@duvallwa.gov