Mobile Food Units

General Overview

The City Council adopted a 6-month interim Mobile Food Unit Ordinance effective April 5, 2023 that allows mobile food vendors to operate on certain commercially zoned properties within the City. Previously, food trucks have only been allowed to operate as part of a special event (such as Duvall Days!). 

Interested in operating a food truck in town? Apply via the City’s website Mobile Food Unit permit application. Please reach out to the Community Development Department at or by phone at 425.788.2779 for permit assistance. A copy of the ordinance is available under documents Ord 1315


This interim Ordinance aims to establish the regulatory parameters necessary for allowing mobile food units to operate within the City in a manner that promotes economic development and tourism and protects public health, safety, and welfare.

How to Apply

Apply online through our OpenGov portal:

Required Documentation

  • Site plan; general layout and dimensions of the staging area and distance to features.
  • Notarized signature of property owner of the location(s) where the mobile food unit(s) will operate.
  • Color photo(s) of mobile food unit showing the front and vending side of the unit(s) while in operation.
  • Proposed Menu showing food/beverage products to be offered for sale.
  • Current copy of the vehicle registration.
  • Current copy of the auto insurance.
  • Permits and approvals required by the King County Public Health Department and the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries.