What's Up Duvall?

What's Up Duvall? – Why does the City do/allow…..

We know that Duvall’s citizens are interested in the who/what/why of how things happen around here. Our community is active in social media and is always up for a good discussion. We, your City staff, would love to participate too. However, we do not have an employee dedicated to monitoring or able to engage on all topics in a manner that would be timely for the pace of social media; nor is social media the best way to communicate on complex topics or issues.

So, we are going to try something different. We are hoping that our new ‘What’s Up Duvall?’ page will be a great place folks can reference to find out the scoop or review technical documents and information in ‘pamphlet’ style writings aimed at addressing the hot topics in town. The topics will be concise with answers from the appropriate staff member expert.

If you have a question, please ask. We’ll do our best to provide information that people seem to want to know. And, as always, please feel free anytime to call, email or just stop on by! 

What are these red posts?

City offers presentations at HOA Annual Meetings

What can cause a jump in your water bill?

What's happening along Big Rock Road?

Is there really a new self-storage facility being built on Main Street? What will it look like?

What are these things?

What do I need to do to "Be Prepared"?

Is Judd Park being moved or removed for traffic calming measures?

Did the City lower Park Impact Fees?

Are Full City Council meeting packets online?

Deceased or injured wildlife on private property?


How many new homes are coming?

New homes east of Batten Road?

How fast is Duvall growing?