Property Owner Responsibilities

Keep Vegetation Clear of Sidewalks and Streets

In accordance with Duvall Municipal Code (DMC 8.02.020 – Duty to remove vegetation and clear passage), it is the property owner’s responsibility to maintain clear passage along all roads and sidewalks abutting their property whether improved or not. Please refer to the figures below for areas that are required to be trim and obstructions removed. Vegetation or other obstruction(s) identified may include either overgrown trees and shrubs, fences, walls, or other pedestrian and vehicular safety obstructions adjacent to the street. 

Trees may be planted within corner areas provided the bottom of the canopy (branches) of the tree are at least 8-feet above the finished grade of the street adjacent. Trees shall not be planted in such numbers or mature diameter that their trunks create a visibility obstruction for vehicles or pedestrians.

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 Figure 1 - Measurement requirements of sight distance triangle

Intersection Visibility

Intersection Visibility, also known as sight triangles, is an area defined by a driver's sight line. Drivers need unobstructed horizontal and vertical views within the sight triangle to be able to see oncoming traffic, pedestrians, and cyclists from all directions. Good sight distance is critical to reducing the potential for collisions.






 Figure 2 - clear sight triangle