3rd Ave NE Reconstruction


The City has been conducting underground subsurface explorations to confirm the soil strata for the design of the 3rd Avenue NE road widening and pedestrian improvement project. We anticipate drilling 25–50 feet deep in 10 separate locations for design of low impact development stormwater infrastructure, walls, and making the Coe Clemons Creek culvert fish passable. 

3rd Avenue Scroll Plot: Option 33RD AVE SCROLL_OPTION 3 - PREFERRED ALTERNATIVE3rd Avenue NE Reconstruction Project (143rd to Stephens) Project Details

The 3rd Avenue NE Reconstruction Project is identified as City of Duvall’s TIP Project R-13. The project will provide streetscape improvements and widening of 3rd Avenue NE to include new and continuous facilities for pedestrians and bicycles. In addition to pedestrian improvements, the project will upgrade the corridor to include intersection improvements, traffic calming, stormwater improvements, street lighting and the installation of a fish-passible culvert of Coe-Clemons Creek.

Following the virtual open house and online survey, this project completed its Alternatives Analysis to determine the preliminary layout and design. At the June 7, 2022 City Council Meeting, Council supported Alternatives Analysis Option 3, as shown below. Public Engagement information that backed the proposal of Alternative Analysis Option 3 is summarized in the Public Engagement Summary.


 – $118,000 from King County Flood Control District for design of the Culvert of Coe-Clemons Creek.
 – Additional rant Funding Application submitted.

Preliminary Schedule:

 – February 2023, 30% Design
 – May 2023, 60% Design
 – September 2023, 90% Design
 – End 2023, 100% Plans and Specifications

Project Documents:

Public Engagement Summary (.pdf) 
Critical Areas Report (.pdf)
Scroll Plot: Option 3 (.pdf)


  • Survey
  • Utility locating
  • Traffic Counting
  • Tree survey
  • Geotech review
  • Environmental Review

Design Schedule, Oct. 2022

Project Contact:

Transportation Department


Zoom Session #1, 12-1 pm:  

Zoom Session #2, 6-7 pm: 

Questions? Please send your email inquiries to: transportation@duvallwa.gov