2017 Big Rock Ballfields Renovation

Project Details

The project involved:

  • Construction of a synthetic turf multi-purpose sports baseball field and soccer field.
  • Installation of a vertically drained and permeable field base.
  • Fencing and netting, concrete pavements and curbing.
  • Field and parking lot lighting.
  • Walking paths and ADA field access.

Schedule Overview

April - Mobilize, install silt fence, surveying
May - Mass excavation & grading, drainage installation
June - Field base course, light pole foundations, electrical conduit installation
July - Field top course, concrete sidewalks, fence installation
August - Installation of synthetic turf, perimeter grading
September -Asphalt paving and complete construction

Project Partners

D.A. Hogan & Associates, Design Engineer
Premier Field Development, Site Improvements Contractor
FieldTurf, Synthetic Turf Contractor

Bid Award

A Contract was awarded to Premier Field Development for the General site development with a separate contract awarded to Field Turf for the installation of padding, synthetic turf and infill.

This purchase of synthetic turf as a separate bid resulted in cost savings that will be placed towards the purchase and installation of a future restroom/concession facility.

Site Timeline

1996 – Property Purchased.
1999 – 2000, Phase 1, Grading and Parking lot. development, RCO and KCYS Funding provided.
2004 – Field #1 & #2 drainage, irrigation and backstop.
2006-2008 – Skate Park & Graffiti Wall.
2008 – Field #3 Development. 
2011 – Parking lot expansion.
2012 – Playground and picnic shelter, Eagle Scout projects.
2012-Current, Partnership, Turf Committee, LEVY Approval, Development and Contract Award.

Panoramic Photograph of Big Rock Ball Fields Park

"Delivering on our Promises"

project site plan
Funding Partners Logos

Funding Partners

WA Recreation and Conservation Office $500,000

King County Youth Sports Program         $  75,000

King County Council-Kathy Lambert        $  50,000

Sno-Valley Youth Soccer                          $  50,000

Sno-Valley North Little League                 $  50,000

City of Duvall-Proposition 1 Levy           $1,800,000

City of Duvall Funds                                   $715,272

                   Total Project Cost                 $3,240,272

April 18, 2017 Ground Breaking Photograph

Big Rock Ballfields Renovation Groundbreaking Ceremony—
April 18, 2017

From left to right: City Councilmember Jason Walker, City Councilmember Leroy Collinwood, City Councilmember Scott Thomas, City Councilmember Dianne Brudnicki, City Councilmember Amy Ockerlander, Kappie Ayers Sno-Valley Little League, Joe Ayers Sno-Valley Little League, Sean Rynders Sno-Valley Little League and Mayor Will Ibershof

Thank you to everyone for attending on April 18th to celebrate the ground breaking of a much anticipated project to complete the Big Rock Ballfields Renovation project.

It’s amazing to think that in one form or another, the City and its partner in Little League and the Soccer Association have been working to improve these fields for almost twenty years now.

From when the property was purchased in 1996, to the volunteer effort that cleared the land and built the first fields in 2000/2001; this has been a real TEAM effort.

The first grant application written in 1999 had described a goal for the project at that time which was:

“make it into a nice grassy field suitable for the needs of youth baseball and soccer programs.”

Now we’re here, about to start a project that will dramatically improve these fields and provide new opportunities for countless children and families to come.

There is a long list of people involved along the way who have helped make this project possible:

City Councilmembers past and present.

Snovalley North Little League.

SnoValley Youth Soccer Association.

Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO).

King County Youth Sports (KCYS).

King County Councilmember Kathy Lambert.

Jr. Redwolves Football.


The City values the relationships we’ve built over the years with all of these people, and we look forward to continuing these long lasting partnerships.

Something that stood out from that original funding application written back in 1999 was a quote:

“…the community understands that it won’t be our field of dreams at the start. But; if we don’t start, it won’t be anything.”

And now we’ve arrived.