Help Us Help You!

The Duvall Park Police Department has recently teamed up with TrackMole to provide a free service that helps recover lost and stolen items.  It helps police departments and others identify owners of lost and stolen property by using the serial numbers from the devices.  

By going to, you can create a free profile where you can record the name, make, model, and serial numbers of each of your valuable items so if they are ever lost or stolen, they can be easily searched through TrackMole to recover them.  If you find someone else’s property, that serial number can also be run through TrackMole and if it’s registered with the program, can be easily returned to the owner.  The more people who join TrackMole, the more likely you are to recover lost or stolen items.

TrackMole is a powerful property tracking and crime prevention tool that helps police departments and others identify owners of lost and stolen properties by using serial numbers. TrackMole allows owners to recover their property when they lose it or have left it behind at places such as coffee shops, restaurants, taxis, airports, hotels, schools, parks, buses, or amusement parks. As soon as the serial 
number on the property is searched, the owner simultaneously receives emails from TrackMole stating where it is, who has it, and how to get it back.

Estimates show less than 5% of owners record the serial numbers of their property, which is the main identifier police use to locate and return lost, stolen, and left-behind property to the rightful owner. The city is asking residents to “Help Us Help You” and use this free service.

How can I use TrackMole?

It is easy. Just create a free account online at or by using a Facebook, Amazon, or Google+ account. It takes less than an hour to log/enter/register the contents of an entire household. Once you sign up you significantly increase the chance of retrieving lost or stolen property if it is located by police, a business, or someone who turns it in. 

How do I find my serial number? 

Most serial numbers are located on the back or side of items such as notepads, laptops and other electronic items. It is usually marked as ‘serial number” or “SN”. Please make sure the number you enter is accessible on the outside and not password protected.

Do I need to list my home address and telephone number on TrackMole? 

No. the only information needed for your Trackmole account is your name and email address.

What should I do if I find someone’s property? 

Run the serial number through TrackMole to see if there’s a match indicating the item has been activated as lost or stolen. If there is a match, you will be able to send a message to the rightful owner so they can retrieve their property. If there is no match, you may decide to turn it in to local law enforcement.

Did you know?


• Over 12,000 laptops are left in US airports each week. 
• 30 billion in cell phones were lost last year. 
• Every 5.1 seconds a theft occurs, and a burglary happens every 14.6 seconds.

Our department also has free Trackmole stickers to put on your property so that if it is ever lost or stolen it can quickly be returned to you. Contact 425-788-1519 if you would like more information or a presentation for your community group