Small Works, Consultant and Vendor Rosters

Small Works, Consultant Services and Vendor Rosters
Municipal Research and Services Center (MRSC) Rosters is a convenient online service used by Washington local governments, including City of Duvall, to contact businesses about small public works projects, consulting opportunities, and contracting of goods or services.

Registration for the City's rosters is FREE under the MRSC basic application option.

The City of Duvall does not maintain Small Works, Consultant or Vendor rosters separate from those provided by MRSC.

Register Now
Register for the City's Roster by clicking on the link below:
Operated by the not-for-profit Municipal Research & Services Center of Washington (MRSC), The MRSC Rosters is a fee-based service for all participants charged annually; however, Contractors, Consultants and Vendors do have a FREE option to register for individual Agency rosters.

For more information about MRSC, visit their website (link to home page above) or directly on the MRSC Business FAQs page.