Sewer / Water / Stormwater

Sewer Service
The City currently provides sewer service only within the city limits with approximately 2,412 accounts and maintains 30 miles of sewer collection pipe, 6 lift stations, and the waste water treatment plant. The monthly sewer rate is for both collection and treatment of the sewer flow. Collection is the piping network and pump stations from the customer to the wastewater treatment plant. Treatment at the treatment plant converts the sewer flow into clean water that is discharged to the Snoqualmie River and biomass solids which are hauled off to an approved disposal facility.

Water Service
The City currently provides service to approximately 2,584 customer connections within the City’s existing retail water service area, which extends beyond the city limits.  The city limits comprise an area of approximately 2.5 square miles while the existing retail water service area is approximately 3.5 square miles, and the future water service area is approximately 5.6 square miles. The city maintains 39 miles of water main, 2 water storage reservoirs, 1 pump station, 2 inter-ties with SPU (where we buy wholesale water from) and 12 pressure reducing stations.

Stormwater Services
The Storm utility serves 2,563 accounts maintaining approximately 53 miles of storm drainage collection pipes and ditches along with approximately 90 water quality treatment facilities (vaults, detention pipes, and ponds), and 1,590 catch basins.
Please contact the Building Department with questions about connecting to city utility services.