Animal Permit

The Building Department processes all animal permits (this does not include cats and dogs). For more information, please contact the Permit Center via, visit our permitting portal or call 425-788-3434. 

Building Permit

Includes roofing, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical permits. Go to our permitting portal to apply for the appropriate permits. For more information visit our Permitting pagecontact the Permit Center via email or call 425-788-2779.

Land Use Applications and Forms

Land use application forms can be downloaded and filled out electronically. If you don't find the application you are looking for or need more information, please visit our permitting portal, email or call 425-788-2779.

Sign Permit

The Community Development Department processes all sign permits (this includes banners and A-boards). For more information, please contact the Permit Center via email, visit our permitting portal or call 425-788-2779. 

Special Event Permit

Special Event Permits are processed by the City Clerk's office.

6-Month Sewer Moratorium. On September 21, 2021, the City of Duvall passed a 6-month Emergency Ordinance that prohibits, with exceptions, connections to the sewer system and became effective immediately. See Frequently Asked Questions document for additional details. See Sewer Moratorium Application.