Emergency Weather Information

Flood & Storm Preparedness

View the Emergency Resource Guide (PDF) for planning and preparation tips for floods, storms, power outages, earthquakes, emergency supplies, medical supplies, contagious illness, and disease. It also provides guidance for protecting vulnerable populations such as children, the elderly, those with special needs, and pets.

A Little Prevention Can Go a Long Way

Please help prevent neighborhood drainage problems by taking the following actions:
  • Check your home's drainage system. Maintaining the drainage system on private property is the owner's responsibility.
  • Make sure your drainage system directs water away from your foundation and not on to your neighbor's property. Never discharge water over the side of a steep hill.
  • Clean your gutters and downspouts. Check gutters once a week during fall and winter. Just 1 wind or rainstorm can clog a well-flowing drainage system.
  • Rake up leaves. Leaves clog drains, which can lead to flooding. Use a rake or pitch fork to clear the storm grates near your property of leaves and debris.
  • Never block any part of the city's drainage system. Do not put leaves, dirt, grass clippings, trash or any materials in ditches, culverts or drains; doing so can cause flooding.
Winter Preparedness
Please be prepared for the upcoming winter conditions. Have your vehicle winterized, and make sure you have adequate traction devices for the conditions you’ll be driving in. Please be patient and courteous to other drivers when traveling in hazardous conditions. Drive only when necessary and plan for delays.

Property Owner’s' Responsibility
Property owners will be responsible to clear away snow from all walkways and driveways adjoining their property. The city does not have the personnel to remove snow from sidewalks that are not part of the Public Works Department’s Snow Removal Plan. If in the rare event the snow is piled up from plows and graders along driveways, parking lots, parking stalls, corners of intersections, the city will remove the snow to another remote location, only after all other services are performed.
Road Conditions
Problems on county maintained roads can be reported by calling 206-296-8100 or 800-KC-ROADS. A recorded flood-information hot line is updated hourly for citizens wanting information in flood areas call 206-296-8200 or 800-945-9263. For help interpreting flood information, citizens should call 206-296-4535 or 800-768-7932.