Land Development

Review Process

The Development Review process consists of a number of distinct but related functions that provide approvals and entitlements for development and use of properties. This ensures that a proposal to develop or redevelop a parcel is in alignment with the community’s vision and is compliant with City, State and Federal codes, laws and regulations. Land Use Applications can be found on the Community Development webpage.


  • Pre-Application Meeting (schedule with Planning Department)
  • Application Submittal
  • Review (may include multiple submittals to address review comments)
  • Approval
  • Building Permit Application and other related permits

Property Questions

Department of Natural Resources (DNR)

Here’s where to find help if you’re interested in harvesting timber, building or repairing forest roads or culverts, thinning your forest, or want to know about other forest practices. Visit the DNR to submit a Forest Practices Permit.