Collision Report Forms

If you are involved an accident, call 911 for a police response. If the police complete a written report, you only need to contact your insurance company.

When to Complete an Accident Report

  • If your accident is not investigated by a police officer or sheriff’s deputy, and
  • If there are injuries or the total damage exceeds $1000, then
  • You need to file a report within 24 hours to the State Department of Motor Vehicles

Download the Citizen's Report from the Washington State Patrol here. Once completed, it must be printed and mailed to WSP. Please keep a copy for your records.

Once you mail in your collision report, WSP will generate a unique collision report number. If you wish to receive a notification of your unique collision number; please provide a separate note attached to your report with your phone number or email. The Collision Records Section will call you back or email you with the number.