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Public Works
"Building on Community"

14525 Main Street NE   |  PO Box 1300, Duvall, WA 98019  |   Phone: 425-788-3434  |  
Fax: 425-788-0311

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Public Works Staff Directory

The Public Works department manages two thirds of the City's operational expenses, and a majority of the City's capital expenses. Our commitment is for constant improvement, and to provide timely and cost-competitive service. We are honored to serve our elected officials and citizens of Duvall through dedication, teamwork and innovative excellence. In recent years, the City of Duvall's Public Works department has been recognized several times statewide for its performance and ingenuity.

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Public Works Department Responsibilities
The Public Works Department manages six main areas:
Transportation - Streets, Sidewalks, Trails, Public Right-of-Way
Parks and Recreation - Playgrounds, Sports Fields, Recreational Areas, Boat Launch
Utilities - Water, Sewer & Storm Drainage
Land Development - Engineering Plans & Construction Inspection
Business Development - Projects, Events, City Promotions, Grants
Building Permits - Residential and Commercial
Water Comp Plan - August 8, 2012

Water Quality Reports
2012 Water Quality Report - July 2013
2011 Annual Water Quality Report - July 2012
2010 Water Quality Report - July 2011

Cross Connection Control (Backflow)
Protecting the quality of our drinking water includes protecting the water as it passes through the pipes to all the buildings in the City. Something called a cross connection can threaten the quality of our drinking water in that piping system. A cross connection is where substances other than drinking water may enter the plumbing and come in contact with drinking water. The City of Duvall requires that any cross connection have a backflow preventer and to have it tested yearly.

Helpful Links
US EPA Drinking Water Academy
Department of Health Drinking Water
DMC 9.02.040 Water Service Specifications
WAC 246-290-490 (Cross Connection Control)

Conservation Links
Saving Water Partnership
Conserving Water in Your Apartment (for Property / Apartment Owners)

Street Lights
Street lights are maintained by Puget Sound Energy. To report a street light not working

Duvall Parks

Please note that some documents are very large files and may take several minutes to download
April 2011 Memo adopting 2009 KCSW Manual
NPDES Stormwater Discharge Permit
NPDES Information

Building Department
Permit services are located at the Public Works Building at 14525 Main Street NE (accross from Copperhill Square).
If you are thinking about remodeling your home or adding on we are here to help answer your questions. Come visit us Monday - Friday, 7:30 AM - 3:30 PM or call 425-788-3434.

Sign Permit Application

Development Design Standards (DDS)
DDS Manual, March 2013 Update
DDS Appendices
DDS Details

Final Plat Submittal Requirements
Final Plat Application
DNR Forest Practices Permit
Clearing and Grading Permit Application

Traffic Impact Analysis Guidelines
Appendix C WSDOT Reach Assesment

Sewer Rate Q & A

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