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Utility Service Set Up Form

  1. Welcome to City of Duvall
    The following form is provided to make setting up your utility service more convenient for you. These utilities consist of water, sewer & storm drain.
  2. if other than physical address
  3. Buying/Renting
  4. If buying - what is the closing date? If renting - what is the effective date of your lease?
  5. Important Information

    If buying, the DMC does not acknowledge rent back situations. Accounts are opened/closed based on the closing date of the property. 

    If renting, your landlord must complete a Request to Bill Tenant form, prior to your move in date, if they would like us to bill you directly. 

  6. ACH Debit Program
    I would like information regarding the ACH Debits Program.
  7. Garbage and Recycling
    Garbage Service is provided by Sno-King Waste Managment. For service & billing questions, please contact their customer service at 425-814-1695.
  8. Billing Questions
    For Billing & Rate Questions, call City of Duvall Utility Billing at 425-788-1185
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