Will Ibershof  
Mayor & City Council
Title: Mayor
Phone: 206-255-2855
Will Ibershof

Will Ibershof was elected Mayor in November of 2005, and sworn in on December 8, 2005, after serving 4 years on the City Council. He is currently serving his 3rd term as Mayor where he is working with the City Council on priorities for 2017.

The top four priorities this year include:

  • Sidewalks on Main Street from Valley Street to Big Rock Road: The project is under way and now we need to complete it. The goal is to have the construction completed by October of 2017.
  • Community Engagement: The City has updated the website, yet there is more we can do to engage our community. One big way is through a series of town halls. The first is on growth and annexations, the second is on transportation and the third is on police and level of service. 
  • Policies and Procedures that match what our community wants: The City and community spent a great deal of time developing the 2015 comprehensive plan. The next step is to develop the policies and procedures for future development that meet the goals of the comprehensive plan. 
  • Police Department Modernization: The City is proud of its Police Department and our exclusive reputation as the, or one of the, safest cities on the State of Washington. While our Council, Chief and Officers continue to make your safety and the protection of your property their number one concern, we are facing new demands for training, compliance, accreditation and 21st Century Modernization that, without additional investment, will be hard to meet.  We need to strengthen the foundations of public safety through training, development and school resource interactions to be sure we are ready to serve the community.

Will works as a Public Sector Manager for a national environmental services company on the east side. In addition, he serves as a board member to Sound Cities Association and the Association of Washington health trust board. 

He received his Bachelor's of Arts degree from the University of Puget Sound, and his Masters in Public Administration from the University of Washington. He has resided in Duvall since 1989. 


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