This November, Duvall voters will have an opportunity to approve a community levy that supports key park improvements, increased school safety, and better service delivery through technology upgrades. The levy is a 9-year, $330,000 annual investment. The election is on November 8, 2016.

Big Rock Ballfields

Park improvement at Big Rock Ballfields - $200,000 annually

  • The 10-acre Big Rock Ballfields is the only ball park facility within Duvall city limits and owned by the City of Duvall. Currently, the fields are frequently unusable due to lack of lighting and poor drainage resulting in standing water, mud and deteriorating fields.
  • The City will invest $3 million total into two lighted synthetic turf fields, parking, a perimeter trail, lighting and other site improvements.
  • In addition to levy funds, the City currently has $1.7 million in grant funds and savings for the project. This includes funding support from Little League and soccer associations.
  • Duvall residents will have a high quality field close to home. Sports leagues and other ball field users will be able to play year round without rainouts.

School Safety

Full time school resource officer working with K-12 students - $100,000 annually 

  • Currently, a resource officer is present at the high school an average of 20 hours per week. With a student population of over 3,000 students elementary through high school, there is a need to expand the program. 
  • Having regularly stationed school resource officers is a proactive approach to school safety that is supported by the school district. 
  • A full-time resource officer program will ensure consistency and collaboration in the protection of Duvall’s children by building on relationships between the school district, City and police department, 
  • School resource officer time will also be used for prevention programs, school event security and emergency situations.

Technology Modernization

Technology improvements for City systems - $30,000 annually

  • A city’s information technology (IT) infrastructure is critical to government service delivery and public safety. 
  • The City of Duvall has an antiquated IT infrastructure that is at risk of failure. 
  • In order to ensure that the City’s technological systems are reliable and records are secure, antiquated systems must be modernized. IT upgrades will improve the ability of staff to provide efficient and dependable customer service. 
  • Modern systems have been shown to be less expensive to run and maintain than outmoded systems.

What will the levy cost?

The 9-year, $330,000 annual investment is estimated to cost $0.325 per $1,000 of assessed value. For a home valued at $400,000, the levy would cost approximately $10.83 per month.

Taxes and City Services

The City of Duvall has several revenue sources, primarily property taxes, sales tax, and fees for services. These revenue sources pay for government services such as police, roads, and parks. In order to pay for additional services, it is necessary to ask voters to approve a tax increase.

For more information, please contact Jodi Wycoff or Matt Morton or call 425-788-1185.